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This grief-focused discussion thread is dedicated to the questions, stories, and experiences that come with anticipatory grief or loss. We hope that you will be able to use this space to build connections, share experiences, and find answers about the grieving process from others that are or have been in similar situations.

Mental Health

Many of us facing the serious illness or loss of a parent must contend with new or ongoing mental health concerns. Depression and anxiety often accompany these situations, and many cases linger long after the initial trigger. This discussion thread is centered on mental health questions, concerns, and experiences. We hope that this space can clarify some of your mental health questions, help de-stigmatize mental health care, and give you all a sense of comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

The Good Stuff

Sometimes we need to recognize the good amidst the bad. This is the place to share your happy memories, moments that have made you smile, or recent wins that have made you proud of yourself or those around you!

Parental Illness

This category is dedicated to the experience of young people that have a parent with cancer or other chronic illness. The grief associated with this experience can be uniquely isolating, and we hope that this space can offer some empathy, answers, and a sense of community.

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